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Florida is a great place to do business, but there are a lot of legal aspects for a new business owner to consider.

  • Are you creating a corporation, a single-owner proprietorship, a partnership, or an LLC? Do you know the difference?
  • If two or more of you are forming the business, what should be in your operating and buy-sell agreements?
  • Should you buy or rent your business premises? Does your lease protect you against landlord defaults?
  • What business licenses do you need?
  • Should you buy or lease business equipment?

If these questions seem daunting to you, then you should strongly consider hiring an attorney with experience in business formation and operations. Clearly written and well-developed business formation documents can provide great value and future stability for your business. Your attorney can help you navigate the complex legal issues that govern your business operations. Your attorney can help you anticipate and protect against potential legal conflicts in the future.

Gayle Owens has over 14 years of experience and practiced skill in handling the many issues surrounding business formation. When you have questions, she will be there to guide you through the ups and downs of establishing a new business in Central Florida.

She will take the time to walk you through what operating agreements and bylaws are and how to develop them, as well as buy-sell agreements, purchase and sale contracts, employment agreements and leases. Gayle can also prepare any other documents to meet your specific business needs, protect your interests and comply with Florida law.

Gayle A. Owens Law P.A. believes that a business owner is best served by an attorney that stresses resolution over conflict when disputes arise in your business. Many disputes can be avoided with careful drafting of business agreements, but when a dispute arises despite your best intentions, Gayle A. Owens Law, P.A. will represent your interests in seeking to resolve that dispute outside court, if possible, or if needed through litigation.

Whether you are starting a business or just looking for someone to read over your latest contract, contact Gayle Owens for assistance today.

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